Kid's Kor Presents
Chess Nuts


Chess class fall enrollment is now closed. There are a few spots still available for science class. Classes begin August 31st. Register soon! 

Chess Nuts is a privately run chess and science class separate from Kid's Kor program. The classes open on August 31st and run until October 12, 2021.
Class description:
Children will receive a magnetic chess set, weekly chess lessons, and a chess medallion for participating. In this session, we will examine games from the 2021 World Chess Cup. 

During the science portion of the class, students will undertake science projects that they will often put together themselves. A detailed lecture will precede each project so that the students understand the scientific principles involved in each activity. Students will also receive workbooks and will have the opportunity to earn a science medal in the science bowl! 

Register for Chess Nuts:

Please download and print out a physical application form along with the emergency contact form and return it to Kid’s Kor (room 30). Please register and submit your payment before August 23.