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Learning Beyond 
the Classroom

Kid's Kor Academy is an after school learning hub for students on the grounds of Third Street Elementary School. We offer enrichment classes, homework assistance and holiday camps throughout the year. We have been an integral part of Third Street School, operating after school programs on the campus for more than 20 years.

Our enrichment classes are a wonderful addition to your child's learning curriculum. Our approach is wholesome – children are inspired to develop healthy lifestyle habits, creative initiative, leadership skills, good time management, self-esteem and mental agility, literacy and better social and academic performance. We offer many opportunities for students to participate in sports, educational, or arts classes that encourage learning, boost academic performance and promote physical health.

Our dedicated staff is passionate about creating the best possible environment for children to learn, play and thrive. All are welcome! 


Kid's Kor Mission


Our mission is to create opportunities for learning and growth for all students and to inspire them to thrive beyond the classroom. We strive to provide a comprehensive after school program that helps students succeed in school and life while providing a safe and structured environment.


Our policy

We are a privately owned after school learning academy for ETK-5 students. We are not an LAUSD or Third Street Elementary sponsored program. We follow non-discriminatory policies and offer competitive class pricing to accommodate all budgets and social backgrounds.


​Our Staff

Ann Hutchinson, Kid's Kor Academy program director has been leading our facility for over 25 years and is always available to attend to your child's needs, address your concerns or answer your questions. Our professional staff consists of dedicated teachers, sports coaches and class assistants who love working with your children.

Enrichment class

Welcome to
Kid's Kor!



We are excited to bring you yet another session of our enrichment classes.


The 6 week spring session begins on April 25 and ends on June 2. The classes are packed with learning opportunities and countless fun activities for all students!

REGISTRATION for our spring enrichment classes opens on Monday, April 3. Spaces are limited and distributed on first come first served basis. Don't wait too long to REGISTER!

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Ann with any questions, concerns or simply to SAY HELLO!.

Ann Hutchinson with her KidsKor team
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