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Creative Classes

We believe that creative thinking helps with academic success. We provide creative activities that encourage critical and conceptual thinking and boost social and communication skills. Students have the opportunity to grow their skills (and self-esteem!) in many areas. All under professional guidance while having tons of fun!

The fall 2024 classes begin on September 9 and end on October 18, 2024 - that's a 6-week-long class session.

To sign up, please fill out this registration form and submit your payment. 



Pottery making is a fun and educational class where students learn to create exciting projects using both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. This class encourages creativity and self-expression through the art of pottery.


Friday |  2:35 – 3:30 pm  |  Grades 1-5  |  FEE: $175


In this class, students will master the art of folding paper to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. They will learn to construct a variety of animals and shapes using paper folding techniques.


Friday |  2:35 – 3:30 pm  |  Grades 1-5  |  FEE: $150

Makedo Cardboard

This class will ignite the imagination and inspire kids to create, learn, and have BIG fun building a wonderful world of upcycled creations. We will cut, fold, and connect forts, costumes, robots, create cities, and much more for hours of entertainment and awesomeness.


Tuesday |  1:35 – 2:45 pm  |  Grades 1-5  |  FEE: $150

Painting Basics

Have fun learning color theory, mixing and blending colors, painting basic shapes - trees, clouds, mountains, landscapes and properly layering paints to create a beautiful work of art. 


Wednesday  |  2:35 – 3:30 pm  |  Grades K-5  |  FEE: $150

*Creative classes include all necessary materials and supplies.
Kid's Kor creative classes
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