Homework Lab

Let's do homework together! Besides a variety of wonderful enrichment classes, Kid’s Kor Academy offers an after school Homework Lab program. We work very closely with your children’s teachers to ensure a smooth transition into their all-day school program. Through our Homework Lab we are assisting students with the completion of their homework and provide them with support to master challenging subjects in many academic areas:

– Literacy

– Reading
– Creative Writing

– Math, Science and Technology

– Conceptual Thinking
– Arts and Crafts


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About Homework Lab

Afterschool Homework Lab is available to all students grades K-5. Students will be assisted with their homework assignments by a staff member (who is not a private tutor). The Homework Lab enrollment includes one complementary class of your choice.

* Remember, first graders are not allowed to stay and participate in the Beyond the Bell after school program and should always be supervised by an adult. Our staff member will pick up your child from their classroom after school is dismissed.


Please fill out this registration form and return to Kid’s Kor (room 3o) on the first day of school.


Fees and Payment Schedule

The fee for the KID’S KOR program is amortized accordingly to compensate for ALL school holidays, therefore we are closed on all holidays and there is no reduced rate for the months that fall during Thanksgiving, Winter break and Spring break or any other school holidays. The fee for the school year (in which there are 180 school days) is $3,150. This fee can be paid in full or nine installments of $350, on the dates listed in the registration form. This fee also accounts for 10 minimum days and 26 early dismissals Tuesdays. There will be no credit given for missed days. The fee also includes a choice of one enrichment class (excluding Lil’ Chefs, piano, arts & crafts, painting, drawing and knitting.)

Late payments (three days) will incur a late fee of $35, no exceptions. We require a thirty day written notice of withdrawal. This allows us to deliver a consistent and quality program.